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Spectacle Lakes / Bear & Burnetts Mountains

Please refer to NOTICES page for updated advisories on trail conditions & state of maintenance. Same information also posted on MT Group / SLBM Trails Facebook page.

See <<Notices>> for important message. / See <<Notices>> for important message. / See <<Notices>> for important message.
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WARNING: Use trails at own risk.

Upper Madawaska Basin Trails | Map Legend | Spectacle Lake | Bear & Burnetts Mountains

Spring-Fall Trail Activity Map

(PDF version of Bulletin)

Winter Trail Activity Map

Virtual Hike
YouTube Channel
Videos (YouTube channel)

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   Trail Maps

A tailored detailed map has been produced for the 50+ kilometre trail network and is made available in several formats as listed below.
Map Specifications

> Latitude - Longitude Grid : Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) with grid lines on map at one kilometre intervals.

> Projection : North American Datum (NAD) 1983

> Elevation : Metres above sea level, with contour lines at 5 metre intervals.

> Distance : Measured in kilometres. Recorded on map as distance between trail junction points.

> Route Rendering : Solid lines indicate trail follows old logging or homestead roads. Dashed lines indicate foot trail. Line colour indicates colour of trail makers used for route.

Map Formats

Trail maps are available in formats for downloading to an electronic device or for printing.

Next section contains season-use specific maps for downloading or printing.
   Trail Use by Season Maps

A set of maps indicating permitted trail-by-trail activity use by season has been prepared. The designated trail use activity is designed to conform with the land-use guidelines set out by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. The permitted activity use is identified by symbols next to each individual trail.
Spring to Fall Use

Map of trails designated for hiking and bicycling (off-road nonmotorized).

Download version (high resolution) JPG image or PNG image

Printable version (PDF) 2-page letter size or tabloid)

<<<    TAKE NOTE OF     >>>


~ Restricted trail access in winter as of 2022 ~

See Bulletin 2023-01 (PDF version) for guidance.

Winter Use

Map of trails designated for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing (back-country style).

Download version (high resolution) JPG image or PNG image

Printable version (PDF) 2-page letter size or tabloid)
   Satellite Imagery View

Interactive and static (Rev. 2020) satellite imagery provides a view of the terrain covered by the trail network. The interactive imagery can be manipulated to provide as much detail as you may want to see.
   Road Map View

The Interactive satellite imagery view can be switched, with a mouse click, to road map view and manipulated to provide as much detail as you may want to see.
   Self-directed Virtual hike

Take a self-directed virtual hike on the trails to satiate your curiosity of what awaits you.

The virtual hike can be a useful tool to plan the route(s) of your next hike on the trails.

A wide selection of videos are posted on the SLBM Trails YouTube channel featuring actual hikes on the various trails through the four seasons.

The videos were recording in 2.7K HD and, when viewed on large monitors, give the sensation (3D effect) that you are actually hiking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing along the trails.

The videos can complement the above virtual hike utility as a planning tool to map out your next adventure on the SLBM Trails.
   Upper Madawaska Basin Trails | Brochure & Map

A brochure with trail map (sample) is now available through, inter alia, visitor information centres, selected tourist facility operators, outdoor equipment and other retailers, and recreation service providers in the Ottawa and Madawaska valleys. See Links for list of locations where brochure is currently available (indicated by **).
   Calendars (day/month/year)

Now you are ready to plan a visit to enjoy the trails. For your convenience here are calendars for (year link image PNG file & print link PDF file)
> 2023 (print*: small / large)> 2024 (print*: small / large)
> 2025 (print*: small / large)> 2026 (print*: small / large)
> 2027 (print*: small / large)> 2028 (print*: small / large)
   * print size (PDF): small (8.5x11) & large (11x17)

> 2016 (print version)> 2017 (print version)
> 2018 (print version)> 2019 (print version)
> 2020 (print version)> 2021 (print*: small / large)
> 2022 (print*: small / large) 

There are four distinct seasons in the Madawaska Highlands and Upper Madawaska Basin. For current weather conditions and forecasts, along with historic temperature and precipitation trends, check out the Weather page.
   Links & Trip Planner

To plan an extended visit to the Madawaska region check out the Links page for leads on other trails, meals, accommodations, activities, etc.
   Have a Question

Got a question or comment? Go to
  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page, or
  • Feedback page and use the convenient e-mail response form.
WARNING: Use trails at own risk.

(Top banner photo: View of Bell Bay, Bark Lake, south from Spectacle Ridge trail.)

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