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Spectacle Lakes / Bear & Burnetts Mountains

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   Madawaska Trails Group
MT GroupThe Madawaska Trails Group (MT Group) is a loose, informal alliance of individuals with an interest in promoting and participating in non-motorized outdoor recreation activities. In that vien, the alliance has taken on a task to make facilities available for such activities.

   SLBM Trails
The MT Group has installed a 50-kilometre network of trails centered around Spectacle Lakes / Bear & Burnetts Mountains in the Upper Madawaska Basin.

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The trail network is on crown land with permission of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry, granted under provisions of a strategic plan for economic revitalization and development in the Madawaska Valley & Highlands and the Upper Ottawa Valley to diversify economy from dependence on the declining timber industry. A major component of the strategic plan centres on tourism, and hence the provision of facilities to enhance the region as a tourist destination.

No public funds were utilized in creation of the trail network. Volunteers in the MT Group provided their labour and covered out-of-pocket expenses for materials (including trail signs & markers) and equipment utilized. In kind accommodations and meals have been provided by proprietor of a local facility.

MT Group volunteers conduct an annual inspection and maintenance of the trails, normally in early spring. The MT Group is not in a position to provide timely remedial maintenance of the trails outside the period of annual inspection and maintenance.

Type of activity use for each trail is based on requirement to minimize ecological damage and to conform with land-use guidelines from Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry.

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Use of the trails is on the honour system — there are no daily patrols of the trails. Please consult the trail use guide on Trails page for the approved activity use of each individual trail.

Users of the trails do so at their own risk.

WARNING: Use trails at own risk.

   Point of Contact
The primary point of contact for the MT Group is via
e-mail: or use the convenient e-mail response form on Feedback page.

You can expect to receive a response within one day.


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