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Spectacle Lakes / Bear & Burnetts Mountains

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SLBM Trails

About Trails
    What does SLBM stand for?

SLBM is an acronym for Spectacle Lakes (SL), Bear Mountain (BM) and Burnetts Mountain (BM), which are the three defining sections of the trail network.

    Who owns the trails?

The trails are on crown land with permission of the Ontario Ministry of Natrual Resources & Forestry.

There is no one entity that formally owns the trails. The trail network was designed and installed by the MT Group as a millennial project.

No public funds were utilized to install the trails.

    Are the trails maintained?


MT Group volunteers conduct an annual inspection and maintenance of the trails in the spring — early May.

Users can help to identify maintenance issues at other times of the year by
    >  e-mail: or
    >  use the convenient e-mail response form on Feedback page.

Please be specific as to location and nature of maintenance required.


Trail Use
    Who can use the trails?

The trails are intended for public use by individuals who enjoy outdoor (non-motorized) recreation, have a healthy respect for nature (flora & fauna) and are ecology-minded.

WARNING: Use trails at own risk.

    Is there a fee to use the trails?


Use of the trails is on the honour system — there are no daily patrols.

WARNING: Use trails at own risk.

    Are there trail-use rules?


To conform with land-use guidelines from Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry and to fulfill requirement to minimize ecological damage a Trail-use Guide has been developed.

Garbage — pack it out !
Respect for nature means leaving it as you found it.

    Are there safety quidelines?


As the trails are in their natural state (uneven surfaces) it is important for your safety to have appropriate attire, footwear, equipment, etc. Following are recommendations.

  • Loose fitting clothing to facilitate ease of movement.
  • Sturdy hiking footwear (no street shoes, runners, etc.).
  • Hiking poles or walking stick.
  • Plenty of drinkable water or other thirst-quenching fluids.

Consult bulletins on Information Bulletins page for more info and guidance — Hiker Equipment for the Trail & Summer Hike Survival.

    How was best ecology practice employed to develop the trails?

Old logging, mining and homestead roads were minimally rehabilitated and incorporated as backbone to trail network.

Foot trails devised to resemble herd trails — surfaces left as is (no grading).

Trail routes marked with colour disks and no trees were removed to create wide swaths.

Trail routing avoided sensitive vegetation and areas that would be prone to excessive erosion.


Trails Location
    Where are the trails located?

The trail network straddles Hwy 60 (Algonquin Route) between Barry's Bay and Madawaska. Eastern side of network is 14 km west of Barry's Bay and Western side is 31 km east of Algonquin Park East Gate.

See location map.

For directions see interactive road map.

    Where are access points to trail network?

There are four access points to the trail network.

Trail Network Access Points
Access TrailheadGPS Coordinates
UTM (Zone 18T, NAD 83)
Hwy 60 (East) – SouthE278098
Hwy 60 (East) – NorthE278151
Hwy 60 (West)E273993
Spectacle Lake
Road (North)
Spectacle Lake
Road (South)

See trail map.


Vehicle parking is only available along shoulders of public roadways. Park well off to right on shoulder.

Exercise vigilant caution when exiting and entering your parked motor vehicle.

Obey all posted provincial and municipal road signs.

There are winter parking restrictions imposed by the Township of South Algonquin. Refer to Bulletin 2023-01 for information and guidance — (1) PDF version / (2) image version.

Check Notice Board to verify whether there are temporary changes to parking arrangements.


Trail Map
    Is there a trail map?

Yes — available in print and digital form. Go to Maps page.

Trail map and trail-use guide is also included with printed brochure.

Trail Brochure
    Is there a printed brochure?


Full colour brochure (sample) includes trail map and trail-use guide.

Go to Links page for listing where free copy of SLBM Trails brochure is available for pickup (indicated by **).


Website Technical Issues

    Website content in mobile friendly format?

This website provides its content in a mobile friendly format. For most mobile devices that have a screen display resolution width of less than 700 pixels the mobile friendly pages will automatically be served up.

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    Why do some images not look right in my browser?
This website utilizes PNG format images extensively. These images have a transparent background and are rendered correctly in such browsers as Firefox, Waterfox, Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge & Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 8 - 11.

However, IE 6 & 7 do not render PNG images correctly because Microsoft did not include coding in these browsers to interpret and render such images with transparent background.

If you are still using Microsoft IE browser, seriously consider switching to one of the other above browsers as Microsoft is no longer providing support and updates for the IE browser. The IE browser is out-of-date technically and thus cannot handle new functions being introduced on the Internet at frequent intervals. As well, since Microsoft is no longer providing updates for the IE browser it is lacking the security enhancements to thwart hackers.

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