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Spectacle Lakes / Bear & Burnetts Mountains

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Spectacle Lakes trail location map
See interactive (zoom-in, zoom-out) satellite imagery & road map for expanded views.
The more than 50 kilometres of trails centred around Spectacle Lakes, and taking in Bear and Burnetts mountains, are located 20 km west of Barry's Bay (Ontario) along the Hwy 60 (Algonquin Route) corridor and 31 km east of Algonquin Park.

The trails are accessed from 5 trailheads as indicated on the trail map.

Vehicle parking is only available along shoulders of public roadways — exercise vigilant caution.

Trails are not recommended for recreational use during HUNTING SEASON (check Notices for dates).

WARNING: Use trails at own risk.

Activity Use
  List of Trails hiker symbol snowshoer symbol biker symbol skier symbol
Bark Lake (2.6 km) * YES YES YES YES
Bear Mtn. (0.7 km) YES YES NO NO
Burnetts (4.2 km) YES NO YES NO
Burnetts Mtn. (0.7 km) YES NO NO NO
Crossover (0.5 km) YES YES NO YES
Eagles (1.8 km) YES YES NO NO
East Bluff (0.4 km) YES YES NO YES
Fish Lake Mtn. (2.1 km) YES NO YES NO
Loon (1.9 km) YES YES YES YES
Loon-Beaver (4.3 km) YES YES NO YES
Maurice's Dream (2.8 km) YES YES NO NO
Moose (2.8 km) YES YES NO NO
Partridge (2.6 km) YES YES NO NO
Ramblers Way (5.1 km) ** YES YES NO YES
Raven (2.3 km) YES YES NO NO
Ridge (0.8 km) YES YES NO NO
Spectacle Lake (5.3 km) *** YES YES YES YES
Spectacle Ridge (2.4 km) YES YES NO NO
Wolf (2.1 km) YES YES NO NO
Wolf Lake Loop (1.3 km) YES YES NO NO
  * Use with caution in winter as an occasional snowmobile may pass.
 ** Use only old road section for cross-country skiing.
*** Use only section west of junction with Spectacle Lake Road in winter. Occasional snowmobile may pass through this section.

Trail Sign
Trail Sign

Access Trailhead Signage
Access Trailhead Signage


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Brochure & Map


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   Trail Names

Names were assigned to the trails to reflect geographic location, geologic feature or animals and birds observed along route. Maurice's Dream honours the trail network's visionary and Ramblers Way in homage to the trail-builders.

   Trail Use

Type of activity use for each trail is based on requirement to minimize ecological damage and to conform with land-use guidelines from Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry.

hiker symbol
snowshoer symbol
biker symbol
skier symbol
X-C ski

The table at left identifies the authorized activity use for each trail.

Download version of trail activity use table (PNG).

Printable version of trail activity use table (PDF).

   Winter Use

Extensive snowmobiling activity in Burnetts Mountain sector precludes use of these trails for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Trails in the other sectors are ungroomed — use is for back-country type of snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Only advanced skiers should make use of these trails. The back-country trails are not mechanically groomed, and the deeper snow found there can make skiing conditions considerably difficult.

For your safety, we recommend that you carry a small first aid kit, extra clothing, a snack and trail map. Do not snowshoe or ski alone, ensure that someone knows your itinerary and carry some means of communication. Cell phone service is now available in the area.
   Trail Network

The trail network was designed to provide links between all the primary trails. This allows the user to plan a couple of hours on the trail or make it an all-day outing, and to take just a short jaunt or a more vigorous endeavour covering as many kilometres you care to do.

All trails have vantage points offering stupendous panoramic views in all seasons. See photo gallery to get a taste of what awaits you.
   Trail Markers

Trail names carved in wood are mounted at all junctions, with arrows indicating direction of trail.

Coloured discs mark the route of trail, with colour for each trail matching that shown on the map.
   Access Trailheads

There are 5 access trailheads to the trail network. Sign combination "SLBM TRAILS" & "USE AT OWN RISK" marks the trailheads.

Trail Network Access Points
Access Trailhead
GPS Coordinates *
Hwy 60 - East (South side)
3.1 km east from Spectacle Lake Road junction.
Hwy 60 - East (North side)
3.2 km east from Spectacle Lake Road junction.
Hwy 60 - West (South Side)
– 23471 Hwy 60
– 2.2 km west from Spectacle Lake Road junction.
Spectacle Lake Road - North (West side)
– 0.8 km south from Hwy 60 junction.
Spectacle Lake Road - South
– 2.3 km south from Hwy 60 junction – end of public road.
– Parking area.
 * UTM (Zone 18T, NAD 83)


A variety of interactive and static maps are available to be viewed, and trail maps can be downloaded into an electronic device or printed.
   Quick Virtual Tour

Take a quick tour featuring highlights of sights and activities on the trail network by watching this slideshow.

For a more comprehensive view of the trails through the four seasons go to the photo gallery.
   Self-directed Virtual hike

Take a self-directed virtual hike on the trails to satiate your curiosity of what awaits you.

The virtual hike can be a useful tool to plan the route(s) of your next hike on the trails.
   Brochure & Map

A brochure with trail map (sample) is now available through, inter alia, visitor information centres, selected tourist facility operators, outdoor equipment and gear retailers, and recreation service providers in the Ottawa and Madawaska valleys. See Links for list of locations where brochure is currently available (indicated by **).
   Calendars (day/month/year)

To help you plan a visit to enjoy the trails here are calendars for
> 2019 (print version)
> 2020 (print version)
> 2021 (print version)

> 2016 (print version)
> 2017 (print version)
> 2018 (print version)

There are four distinct seasons in the Madawaska Highlands and Upper Madawaska Basin. For current weather conditions and forecasts, along with historic temperature and precipitation trends, check out the Weather page.
   Links & Trip Planner

To plan an extended visit to the Madawaska region check out the Links page for leads on other trails, meals, accommodations, activities, etc.
   Have a Question

Got a question or comment? Go to
  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page, or
  • Feedback page and use the convenient e-mail response form.
WARNING: Use trails at own risk.

(Top banner photo: Overlooking Little Cub Bay, Bark Lake, from viewpoint on Eagles trail.)

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